Elin Maria Johanna Sundell


Born in the Tiger year of 1986. Raised in the smalltown Arvika, Sweden by super-entrepreneurs near the Nowegian boarder. Dervived from the world-famous art/sculpture family of Christian Eriksson.

Traveled the World as a "Miss" during 2008 - won the international title of Miss Civilization of the World in Istanbul - pretty soon figured that a starving life was not for her.

Went to Business School, took a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics, and then also a Master in Business Marketing.

Moved to Buffalo, New York with the mission to get a factory profitable, and soon became the President - Runned the company as President for 2 year - incresed the revenue by 50% and the profit by 30%.

Off to next task - Today Johanna lives in Venice California, buliding up an West Coast office - making sure to cover the high demand of getting dirty heavy vechicles cleand - environmentally friendly.


High intrest in fine arts - empowering other women, making sure everyone get their happy space - and a selfdestructive shoe addiction.

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