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Oslo August 2017



The Exhibition GHOST

The paintings from the exclusive Ghost collections will be shown during the month of August. Those painting which yet not are sold form the collection will be availble for puschase, and delivered directly after the exhibt.


Galleri Mini - OSLO, Norway

August 2017


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New York



Read about weekly reflection. My experiance through the years . being young, feamle, foregin, leading a market leading company in a mans dominated world in the middle of the American Dream. Expressing my self through painting.

Interesting experiances, entertaining dramas and of course a big splash of juciy fashion - straight from La La Land.


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Wishing for 48h a day - travling across Northamerica - born in Sweden -lives in Los Angeles - managing the real dirty business of getting the dirt of heavy vehicles.

Enjoying the contrasts of life - dirt up to the knees in a wash bay in Montana - balancing high heels - and expressing my self through painting.